by MR Magazine Staff

The Wrangler brand has introduced the first denim apparel dyed with foam, a new technique that uses 100 percent less water than conventionally-dyed denim. The global product launch of foam-dyed denim follows the Wrangler brand’s Indigood commitment to discover and implement throughout its supply chain the most sustainable ways for dyeing denim.

Indigood foam-dye entirely replaces the traditional water vats and chemical baths of conventional indigo dyeing, reducing by 100 percent the amount of water required to turn denim that beloved shade of indigo blue. The new dyeing process also reduces energy use and waste by more than 60 percent compared to the conventional denim dyeing process.

The Indigood products will be featured in the Icons Collection, which will also incorporate recycled cotton, laser finishing and ozone finishing. The collection includes both male and female jeans, shirts and jackets in two distinct denim shades: Good Day (light) and Good Night (dark).

“We’re proud to have helped pioneer a technology that has the potential to revolutionize sustainability standards for denim,” said Tom Waldron, VP and global brand president of Wrangler. “The introduction of Indigood foam-dyed denim represents our continued commitment to use our global scale to advance the denim industry, while maintaining the authenticity, quality and style that consumers expect from Wrangler.”

“Indigood raises the bar on what consumers can expect from us in terms of environmental performance,” added Roian Atwood, director of sustainability at Wrangler. “We are continuously looking for opportunities to improve the sustainable impact of our products from field to seam and we are proud of what we’ve promised to achieve through Indigood.”

The Wrangler Icons with Indigood collection, which retails between $99 and $169, is now available.


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