This Year’s Answer To The Nordic Sweater Will Put You In A Good Mood

by MR Magazine Staff

When winter hits, a classic Nordic sweater is always there to keep you warm and make you look like a James Bond villain who has no problem navigating four-foot wide slush puddles. This season designers have given the serious staple an earthier, more colorful twist that looks more to South America than anywhere else. The beauty of these folk-inspired knits is that, not only do they look excellent with your favorite blue jeans and lace-up boots, but they don’t feel quite as cold, and calculated as your favorite navy Fair Isle knit. They’re happier, looser, freer; possibly just what you need to quell political tension at the Thanksgiving dinner table or brave holiday travel mayhem at the airport and on the roads. Need more help styling them? We know a guy. See more at GQ.