Yes, You Can Wear Velour Again (Just Not Like This)

by MR Magazine Staff

As we learned last year, rapper A$AP Ferg has a thing for fashion, so much so that he thought he was going to be a fashion designer when he was growing up. So it makes sense that the 28-year-old is down to take some risks when it comes to style, like yesterday when he posted an image of himself to his Instagram account wearing head-to-toe pink velour. In a later post, he even added another layer of pink to the can’t-miss-it fit, in the form of a tonal leather letterman’s jacket. Does it take supreme confidence to step out in head-to-toe velour? Absolutely. Is it a swerve for the ages? Of course. Is it something you should try? Maybe not. While rich textures like velvet are making their way back onto runways and into stylish guys’ closets and track suits have surged in popularity, when it comes to a fabric with as much luster and sheen as this, a little goes a long way. So here’s a way that those who aren’t as willing to, you know, go there the way our man Ferg can, can add a little velour to their daily rotation. See more at GQ.