by Stephen Garner
Federico Marchetti / Photo by Alex Majoli

Yoox Net-A-Porter Group (YNAP), the owner of men’s online retailer Mr Porter, has announced that Geoffroy Lefebvre will become the company’s new CEO, effective January 4th. The company’s current CEO Federico Marchetti will remain chairman of the group to ensure a successful transition.

Lefebvre joins from Richemont where he has worked as digital distribution director. He will be replacing Marchetti, who founded his label Yoox in 2000 in the early days of online fashion, before quickly building the innovative start-up and publicly listing it on the Milan stock exchange in 2009. In 2015, he led the brand’s merger with luxury e-commerce site Net-a-Porter, creating YNAP as we know it today.

Marchetti announced in March he was stepping down from his position as CEO of YNAP after 20 years in the role.

“Over the last two decades the group has grown exponentially, from a fledgling start-up to the biggest player in luxury e-commerce,” said Marchetti. “As an entrepreneur, I am proud to have created a tech unicorn and built a digital powerhouse. The group has solid foundations, which will propel it towards long-term growth. I will continue to innovate combining human touch with digital disruption, while retaining the focus on people, customers, and our communities.”

“Richemont’s digital journey, since our first investment in Net-A-Porter in 2002, to my encounter with a visionary entrepreneur, Federico Marchetti, that led in 2015 to the creation of the Yoox Net-A-Porter Group, then its acquisition in 2018, has been fascinating in many ways,” said Johann Rupert, chairman of Richemont. “I would like to thank Federico for his relentless passion, his energy, and his drive in shaping the largest player in luxury selective distribution. He has crafted and delivered the vision that has prevailed since 2000 and has inspired so many. I wish Federico all the best for his future career. And I am happy to introduce Geoffroy, who has been driving the expansion of Richemont’s e-commerce for the past two years after several other executive positions within the group. He will now lead Yoox Net-A-Porter Group’s teams in their growth journey to delight ever more our customers around the world.”