by John Russel Jones

Gender fluidity has certainly become a hot-button political issue recently, but that’s not stopping the more progressive, contemporary element of the fashion industry from wholeheartedly pursuing the market. Internet retailer YOOX (Yoox Net-A-Porter Group), with its wide selection of designer merchandise at marked down price points, has just launched a partnership with Aries Arise, a non-gendered, luxury streetwear brand that is made in Italy and created in London.

Press materials for the collaboration state: “They. When a simple pronoun becomes a symbol of a great change and inclusivity with an important message to spread: being free to live without problems, without ever feeling excluded,” which is the concept of the capsule. 

Campaign images include brothers, sisters, couples, and friends, who share the same wardrobe, showing that gender does not represent a barrier.

Available exclusively on YOOX, the collection is made up of 13 street-style pieces, unisex garments, and accessories, including sweatshirts, T-shirts, and baseball caps, as well as tops and leggings with technical fabrics and details from the activewear world, as well as suits. Retails run from $76 for a cap, to $265 for a leopard-print short-sleeved woven shirt, up to $843 for the suit jacket.