by Stephen Garner

Yoox has teamed up with Propaganda, an underground network of artists and professionals, on the exclusive Built 2 Last capsule collection.

The capsule is made up of different genderless garments: t-shirts, sweatshirts, buckets, and bandanas. All the garments are distinguished by the iconic snake logo of Propaganda, artwork created by the Roman artist Scarful, revisited for the occasion in an unprecedented version carved in the rock, an image that becomes a symbol of the values of long-lasting fashion.

The essence of Propaganda, which draws its origins from street culture and rap language, is clearly recognizable by the choice of materials and colors used. The garments are in heavy cotton with a color palette inspired by natural colors and sustainable dyes. Built 2 Last means this: clothes with the lowest possible environmental impact, destined to last over the years.

The final result is a unique and distinguishable capsule characterized by a strong urban accent that combines the classic and unfiltered language of streetwear, of which Propaganda has been one of the leading spokespersons both in Italy and abroad for 15 years, with the methodical approach of Yoox founded on quality and social commitment.

The Built 2 Last capsule, which retails between $23 and $103, is now available exclusively on Yoox.