YOOX x Les Girls Les Boys capsule collection
by Stephen Garner
YOOX x Les Girls Les Boys capsule collection

YOOX has teamed up with London-based lingerie and genderless streetwear brand Les Girls Les Boys on a new exclusive capsule collection.

The exclusive collection consists of a wide selection of casual styles that follow a gender-fluid and inclusive approach. With sizes ranging from XS to XXL, the range is designed to be worn by everyone. The collection consists of sweatshirts, t-shirts, and trousers as well as underwear. 

This collection carries a message of authenticity: it speaks to a young audience, embodies the values ​​of Gen-Z and the positive ideals with which it identifies. This message is also taken up through the campaign images which have been created exclusively for the launch of the project; these tell the story of a small group of friends united by their diversity and their passions: a family context revisited in the name of the explicit diversity of a generation. The campaign features model, actress, and activist Precious Lee, famous for being an advocate for race and size diversity within the fashion industry.

“I was delighted to work with YOOX on this collaboration,” said Serena Rees, founder and creative director of Les Girls Les Boys. “Seeing the clothes come to life on Precious Lee and the rest of the cast in the campaign truly captures what I was hoping to achieve in the early stages of design. Inclusivity is at the core of Les Girls Les Boys and we hope the collection speaks to everyone in the YOOX community.”

The YOOX x Les Girls Les Boys capsule collection is now available worldwide, exclusively on yoox.com.