What The Young And Rich Don’t Say About Being Young And Rich

by MR Magazine Staff

Being young and wealthy has gotten a bum rap in the media in recent years. The antics of some celebrities continue to feed that reputation. But not all young moneyed types are cut from the same mold. At a time when society needs all the help it can get, as we prepare for the biggest wealth transfer in history and we transition from baby boomers to millennials, we need to challenge the judgments that are perpetuating isolation of the young and wealthy community. Instead of letting money continue to divide communities, we should focus on building connection with the people behind the money.

A new report from Nexus, a group that works to bridge young philanthropists with social entrepreneurs, picks apart the negative images and looks at why and HOW we can challenge that reputation. The key takeaway: communities that come together, work together and – let’s face it – right now we ALL need to be working together. How do we make that happen? Start with empathy and understanding. Rarely, though, do we get a more honest portrayal of the wealth experience that would fuel empathy. So, on behalf of the often-untold side of the story, here’s some insight into another perspective about being young and rich. Read more at Forbes.