by Stephen Garner

Zegna has teamed up with German camera manufacturer Leica Camera on a new capsule collection of high-end camera accessories. The range first debuted in January 2020 on the runway of the Ermenegildo Zegna XXX winter 2020 fashion show in Milan.

Zegna artistic director Alessandro Sartori, a photography enthusiast and Leica lover, has always been inspired by photography as a creative language that he often visually uses as a reference for his collections. His own passion led Zegna to a collaboration built upon the mutual expression of creativity, innovation, craftsmanship, and technicality.

The collaboration collection consists of Pelletessuta leather camera holsters for Leica Q2 and Leica M cameras; Pelletessuta leather protectors for Leica Q2 and Leica M cameras; functional crossbody bags called Insta-Pack that fit almost all Compact Leica cameras (Leica V-Lux excluded) and the Leica CL with the 18mm ‘pancake’ Leica lens; carrying and wrist straps; Leica keyrings; and round wallets (both for coins or the Leica Q2 lens cap) also made of the Pelletessuta leather.

“Zegna and Leica share the same values and a very deep integrity and quality towards the excellence of their own products; my wish is to build up a long chapter together,” said Sartori. “The vision and the DNA of Leica has always been genuine, an obsessive quest for quality, an extremely refined research, a very unique approach towards not only the world of camera and photography but mostly towards the craftsmanship and a distinctive syntax.”

“What a wonderful addition: The creation of a Leica camera, moving images and a Zegna garment is unique and outstanding,” added Karin Rehn-Kaufmann, Leica Global Director Art and Leica Galleries. “Both brands share the same humanistic approach for values, design, sustainability, and quality.”

The Zegna and Leica collaboration collection is distributed globally in an exclusive selection of Zegna Flagship Stores (such as New York City, Paris, London, Milan, Dubai, Shanghai, Beijing, Ginza, Isetan) as well as in 60 select Leica stores worldwide. The collection is also available online, on zegna.com and leica-camera.com.