by John Russel Jones

Watch out American pro-ball style icons: Spain’s most successful (and fan-owned!) club is about to step up its sartorial game. Real Madrid has signed an agreement with Zegna to become the club’s official luxury travelwear partner, providing clothing for the men’s and women’s football and basketball squads, along with their respective technical teams.The deal will be officially unveiled on September 30th during an exclusive event in Madrid.

(ABOVE: Image from Fall/Winter 2022 Collection)

Zegna’s new logo, revealed last Fall, will get even more attention thanks to the partnership with Real Madrid. The logo is inspired by a double stripe that pays homage to the 232, a road which begins in the mountains of Biella and runs through Oasi Zegna, the 100 square kilometers of unrestricted natural terrain in northern Italy that was created in the 1990s as a result of founder Ermenegildo Zegna’s earliest commitments to sustainability.

The club teams up with an Italian fashion icon with a rich heritage and expertise. Their shared values, including the idea that excellence comes from hard work, and a commitment to pushing boundaries to make a positive impact, unite these two historic organizations.