3 Things Top Of Mind For Retailers This Holiday Season

by MR Magazine Staff

The holiday shopping season seems to start earlier every year. Before Halloween even rolls around, Christmas decorations start to fill shelves and inhabit the collective consciousness of shoppers. And let’s be honest, poor Thanksgiving doesn’t seem to stand a chance in the middle of it all. The holidays can make or break annual profits for retailers. This year, holiday retail sales predictions range from over $700 billion to north of $1.1 trillion, even despite concerns over trade and tariffs. Some are worried that consumer debt might make a dent on holiday spending, so if that’s the case, it’s even more important where they spend their money. With the litany of factors reshaping the retail experience, hiring and training frontline workers quickly and efficiently, so they’re ready to deliver outstanding customer services should be at the top of retailer’s wish lists. So what’s on the collective mind of retail leaders as this important season draws closer? Read more at Forbes.