7 Crucial Questions To Ask Yourself Before Growing A Mustache

by MR Magazine Staff

In case you haven’t heard, the ‘stache is back. (And in all its porny, ‘70s-inspired glory, no less.) Don’t believe us? Just ask Jake Gyllenhaal, James Franco and Paul Rudd, among others, who have all been spotted sporting full tufts of fur upon their respective upper lips in recent months. But while these exceptionally stylish men may be able to pull off this, arguably the most daring of facial hair configurations, with nary a second thought, we’d advise you to be exceedingly cautious before following suit. Because, simply put, growing a mustache isn’t for the feint of heart—one wrong turn, and the whole endeavor can turn from pro-level grooming move to Michael Cera-joke fodder in a under a second. Here, 7 questions you should ponder before deciding to give growing a mustache a shot. Call it doing your due diligence. See more at GQ.