7 Under-The-Radar Retail Trends For 2017

by MR Magazine Staff

Trends, like rainstorms, can be fairly easy to predict. You look at the current conditions on the radar screen, consider their proximity and can pretty much nail where and when the rain will fall. This goes for retail events as well as the weather. Consumers increasingly use their mobile devices in the shopping process. They expect more personalized, relevant shopping experiences. They research online and purchase in-store. These practices and preferences have been steadily advancing, so it is easy to predict and prepare for the continuing trends. However, it’s those events that are just under the radar, those freak storms that come from nowhere, that tend to have a more lasting effect. These under-the-radar trends are also occurring in retail, but with less notice. So I asked the retail experts: What do you predict will be the stealth trends of 2017? From artificial intelligence to increased spending among men, they shared small but notable activities of today that will influence retail in 2017. See them all at Forbes.