by MR Magazine Staff

Thanks to the support of the Italian Trade Agency, 28 Italian brands will be on display exclusively at the Chicago Collective this season from August 8-10.

Get to know some of these brands below.


Through sophisticated stitching and processing, jacquard and intarsia playing together with a wide range of colors and fine yarns. Montechiaro knit collection is a can’t-miss this season.


The history of the family business dates back to 1915 in Bitonto, the Puglia region of Italy close to the Adriatic Sea. The family’s roots were founded as purveyors of fine fabrics from all over Europe, but mostly Italy and England. Nicola Santarelli Sartoria offers complete ready-to-wear and made-to-measure, honoring bespoke tailoring requests within 4 weeks delivery.


Pashmere is a brand entirely made in Italy, starting from the design of the collections to the final stages of production is completely processed in-house, making its products 100 percent “Made in Umbria”. Furthermore, it has long-standing collaborations with the finest Italian suppliers of cashmere yarn, Cariaggi and Loro Piana, which guarantees the best possible quality.


Made with extremely soft yarns, Ploumanac’h sweaters boast vibrant colors and unique shades while keeping warmth and softness at the core of their features. Hand-painted, one by one, its storm-inspired sweaters bring artisanal artwork to a whole new dimension. By sourcing natural fibers, coloring its garments with artisanal techniques, and producing locally, the brand tries to keep its impact on the environment as low as possible, cutting energy consumption, saving water, and lowering carbon footprint.


Stile Latino is none other than the latest creation of Vincenzo Attolini, a well-known name in the international fashion world, for having founded in 1987, together with his father, the first Sartoria Attolini which has now become Cesare Attolini. Stile Latino’s first suit was made in 2005. Since then the creativity and expertise of the tailors have meant that not only have trousers, jackets, and coats been produced in its site in Casalnuovo. On a daily basis, the team meticulously studies new proportions, models, materials, and tailoring solutions.


Tiki Napoli is a prestigious swimwear brand based in Naples, Italy, with an expanded offering of a complete lifestyle collection, including apparel of unbounded personality and comfort. Made in Italy quality is at the heart of the Tiki Napoli mission with an outstanding selection of fabrics and accessories sourced with particular attention to texture, design, and craftsmanship.


Founded in Milan in 1911, Valstar is a luxury men’s fashion house with a profound history in manufacturing outerwear. With its inception, it became the first Italian company to produce raincoats that were water-repellent. In 1935, Valstar gave birth to its Valstarino model inspired by the A1 flight jacket. Today, Valstar jackets and coats are products of over a century of tradition channeled using a contemporary approach, representing the true essence of what ‘Made in Italy’ craftsmanship means.


The company was founded in Bologna by Mr. Vitaliano Pancaldi in 1947. Since the beginning, his great love for silk and his impeccable taste inspired the production of original and timeless ties. Tradition and love for its products are still behind all these creations available in the best stores all around the world.


For over one hundred years, Zingone has been known as a sartorial fashion house of distinguished Made in Italy quality and style. It all started in 1896 when Gennaro Zingone opened his first design studio in the heart of Rome, Italy. Within a few years, the business expanded in response to demand for its quality tailoring and celebrated designs.