Dignity u wear
by Karen Alberg Grossman

DUW LogoAs 2015 comes to a close, we are guessing that many MR-mag.com readers might have excess inventory that they might want to exchange for a tax deduction and much good will. For this reason, we will be highlighting a few of the wonderful charities in our industry that continue to do so much good for so many. Please consider helping if you can; if you’re lucky enough to be low on inventory, cash contributions are particular welcome during this season of increased activity.

Among the most worthy is Dignity U Wear, which is celebrating 15 years of delivering new clothes to the neediest Americans. Founder Henri Landwirth is a philanthropist, Holocaust survivor and veteran of the Korean War. Fifteen years ago, he walked into the Sulzberger Center in downtown Jacksonville Florida, a shelter for homeless men, and asked what he could do for them. One man stood up and said, “Sir, we need underwear” and Landwirth remembered that loss of dignity all too well. Starting with a few packages and a dream, he soon secured a warehouse in Jacksonville and has since shipped more than $160 million worth of brand new clothes to over 40 states.

Dignity’s three primary initiatives are helping school children, women and girls in crisis, and veterans. While their overhead is under five percent, they are always in need of operating cash. Please visit their website www.dignityuwear.org and watch their videos featuring Mark Wahlberg and Gary Sinise. Most importantly, revel in the smiles of the men, women and children they serve and consider bringing dignity (and more smiles) to many lives.

For more information, contact Barbara Truncellito, Executive Director:

212-683-0369, btruncellito@dignityuwear.org