A Spanish Fly on the Wall

by Harry Sheff

So day two and I seem to have adjusted well to being on Madrid time. I swear – the key? Drink a lot of water. Of course staying up late for a dinner hosted by the Brazilian footwear contingent doesn’t hurt. And, again of course, staying up late for dinner in Madrid is an oxymoron. Muito obrigado to our hosts for a lovely dinner. It was a great chance to meet and mix with international fashion press.

John enjoys tapas 

I think I most commiserated with an editor from China – we figured that she was six hours behind to my six hours ahead, and we were both EXHAUSTED! Now all day yesterday I only heard English being spoken with an American accent once, and it was at a moment when I was being squired around from booth to booth by our gracious guide, Noemi Beltran, of the Trade Commission of Spain, so I didn’t have an opportunity to stop and ask where those I overheard were from.

WHERE ARE THE REST OF YOU? Retailers, you need to get to this show. A beautiful combination of fashion and classic styles is here, and, especially for stores that are constantly seeking unique resources, this place is a goldmine. I’ll include more in my recap of the trip in MR’s November issue. There are also representatives, as I mentioned, from Brazil, as well as Portugal, here. We were given a tour of some Spanish footwear retailers, so I got my first taste of a walk in beautiful Madrid. We also stopped by a huge Zara – I haven’t checked to see if they are carrying these in the States, yet, but they had a full canvas construction, single breasted, side-vent suit, with flat-front pants for 200 euros! Also new (to me, at least) Zara Home and Habitat – a home store kind of like Ikea, but smaller and with a higher taste level.

We stopped for a quick bite at a tapas restaurant, and then headed back to the fair for the day.

Hasta luego!

Miguel Gaitan and Marta Herrera Cagigal, Epicentric; Miguel Vieira, designer

Miguel Vieira shoes

Jose Reis shoes

Mister shoes — for “don’t call us Mr.” magazine?

Castañer shoes

This giant gummy bear guards the entrance to the Feria de Madrid, where the show is held.

Muratti Florentino shoes

Pertini shoes

Victor Tarraga Osma, Pertini