Actually, The Bear Is a Menswear Show

Yes, sure, of course: technically, The Bear is a show about a chef and the sometimes-traumatizing experience of working in kitchens. But most viewers of the show have come to the same conclusion after finishing the series’ eight episodes: the show’s main character Carmine “Carmy” Berzatto, played by Jeremy Allen White, looks extremely good. It’s the “hottest show of the summer.” “Carmy is sexy as hell.” Allen White is the “internet’s new boyfriend.” (Even New Yorker cartoonists appreciate the show’s unspoken steaminess.) The cause of all this sex appeal comes down to Carmy’s always disheveled hair, and many tattoos—and, I’ll submit, his impeccably dialed-in style. A little digging on that front confirmed my suspicion: that while The Bear appears to be a food show, it’s actually the next great menswear show. Read more at GQ.