by Christopher Blomquist

Chinese e-comm giant Alibaba Group has announced a pledge to achieve carbon neutrality in its own operations by 2030 and introduced a Scope 3+ target, an initiative aiming to facilitate 1.5 gigatons of decarbonization across its business ecosystem by 2035.

It shares the details about its goals, including thinking and definition of the newly introduced concept of Scope 3+, in first Alibaba Carbon Neutrality Action Report, which will be published annually with progress verified by accredited auditors and experts.

Alibaba’s CEO Daniel Zhang

 “We aspire to be a force for positive, innovative change in society. Our ESG [Environmental, Social and Governance] strategy is predicated on our mission to be a good company that will live for 102 years and it is the vital foundation for Alibaba’s future development,” said Daniel Zhang, Chairman and CEO of Alibaba Group, in a statement. “We will leverage our unique influence as a platform operator to mobilize actions and behavioral changes among consumers, merchants and partners in China and around the world with our newly proposed Scope 3+ target of reducing 1.5 gigatons of carbon emissions by 2035.”

Alibaba will adopt a systematic and science-based approach to plan and manage decarbonization initiatives. It includes leveraging energy-saving and efficiency-improving technologies to reduce emissions; actively transforming the energy structure with progressive use of renewables; and exploration of carbon removal initiatives. As a general principle, the company prioritizes carbon reduction over removal, and removal over offset.

Alibaba will continue to improve its carbon reduction measurement and metrics in Scope 3+ by working and partnering with leading expert organizations globally.

It has also created anew three-tier governance framework of current board members and independent consultants to oversee, enable and support the achievement of its carbon neutrality targets and broader ESG goals.