Tim coppens
by Stephen Garner
Tim Coppens Under Armour Sportswear
Tim Coppens

Baltimore-based sports apparel brand Under Armour, Inc. has appointed fashion designer Tim Coppens, widely known for his work on his namesake collection, as executive creative director of Under Armour Sportswear (UAS). Coppens will oversee creative direction for the new brand from Under Armour launching in fall 2016. The line will include men’s and women’s apparel, footwear and accessories.

UAS is a new label featuring fashion-driven performance sportswear. It’s designed to capture the existing opportunity of a collection that goes beyond the comforts of casual active wear and the functionality of innovative athletic wear.

“I am thrilled to be working with Tim. I knew he was the right creative director for UAS because of his unique experience working with both performance brands and true, high-fashion labels,” said Ben Pruess, SVP of Sportswear at Under Armour. “His understanding of both worlds and ability to craft a creative expression to capture this is truly remarkable. Together, we are creating a unique collection for the Beyond Ambitious generation – the young and determined professional. UAS is optimized for their life, helping them rise above the variable conditions of every day.”

Tim Coppens Under Armour Sportswear
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“There is a desire for something new; a new twist on an American sportswear brand that allows the ambitious generation to go longer, faster and harder with intuitive product and a modern style,” added Coppens. “Under Armour is in a unique position to take on the task of defining this space with an authentic east coast sports and innovation brand footprint that is armed to enter the lifestyle market.”

Retail distribution for UAS will include UASportswear.com, select fashion retailers and Under Armour Brand Houses in Chicago and New York.