Ay, Papi

by Harry Sheff

Now, I have a question…does everybody get drawn into Papi’s booth by their model, Brett Novek? I mean, besides being handsome, having a great body and a 500-watt smile, this guy is also absolutely charming. He must make even straight men weak in the knees. And I know it’s not just about “type,” because my fellow editors, summer interns and a couple of industry colleagues are all equally enamored.

Brett Novek and Jannice Cameron

But, well, since we’re there, we might as well look at the merchandise, and, I must say—I’m impressed! The new collection is colorful and sexy, and is bound to generate a lot of attention on any sales floor. Designer Lucio Decarvalho has created some intriguing, retro-styled things, as well as a fun sheer tattoo-print collection — Brett did offer to model those briefs for us – and something he’s calling a “sugar” sponged onto a skull-patterned tee that takes on the appearance of crystals, without the weight.

Don’t be jealous, Jannice Cameron – we all know you’re the true mastermind behind putting that editor-magnet in the booth, and that you’re the one who keeps us there. 

Lucio Decarvalho and Vanessa Rezola