Boom Times at Brunello Cucinelli’s Luxury Menswear Mecca

On Sunday evening on the Umbrian hilltop that Brunello Cucinelli calls home, the menswear mogul hosted a 70th birthday party of epic proportions. It was a milestone moment in more ways than one: his brand recently announced its best sales figures in its 40 years, with revenues set to hit the $1 billion mark in 2023. So there was much more than cake in store for the some 500 friends, clients, and celebs who were invited to Solomeo, the medieval hamlet that Cucinelli has spent decades restoring with a benevolent, well-manicured hand. Like a fashion show. A lengthy philosophical speech. A mountain of food and barrels of wine. And a chance to see Solomeo, the town that’s achieved a mythic status in the menswear world. Cucinelli calls it the “Hamlet of Cashmere and Harmony.” Read more at GQ