Bottom Line Accessories

by Harry Sheff

Let’s face it. Accessories often get the short end of the stick in fashion editorial. Watches barely peak out from shirtsleeves. Shoes get lost when images are cropped at three-quarters. Messenger bags get shoved behind coats. Sunglasses get pulled off at the last minute because “we need the model to make eye contact.” Rings get lost in the picture because they’re just too small.

But accessories are just too important to be obscured forever! Cufflinks and hats defined the dress-up/metrosexual trend. Harry Potter brought newfound importance to the scarf. And some of us editors here at MR think that, as fashions trend towards neutrality and minimalism (especially in the contemporary market), accessories will play a very important role in the way men express their individuality; and can, if merchandised right, play a very important role in a store’s profit margin.

We directed MR Magazine readers to for “expanded accessories coverage” in our November 2006 trouser story. We took a few detail shots of the accessories used in the shoot, and will continue that practice in the future. Take a look at the “supporting cast” from MR November 2006, “Pants Revival: A Little Excitement.”

Worn with Louis Raphael trousers, Raffi zip-mock and Phillips Van Heusen shirt:

Ernst Benz chronoscope, $2,700,

Faberge necktie,

Allen Edmonds shoes, $305,

Worn with Riviera trousers, Kapadia V-neck and Phillips Van Heusen shirt:

Robert Marc sunglasses, $345, (212) 366-0656

Ernst Benz chrono lunar, $4,300,

Johnston & Murphy Lavoy Sling bag, $148,

Worn with Vigano pants and Michael Kors top:

Robert Marc sunglasses, $345, (212) 366-0656

Ernst Benz chronoscope, $2,900,

Allen Edmonds moccasins, $200,

Worn with Zanella pants, Phillips Van Heusen shirt, and Kapadia vest:

Randa Little Brown Tie,

Kenneth Cole cuff links,

Calvin Klein belt, Cipriani Accessories, (212) 967-4120

Worn with Ballin pant and Options by Matt Totillo knit:

Johnston & Murphy backpack,

Ernst Benz chronoscope, $2,900,

Nat Nast belt, $75,

Allen Edmonds shoes, $230,