by John Russel Jones

The worlds of fashion and sports are overlapping more and more. The Chicago Bulls has launched its first official capsule collection designed by artist and streetwear designer Don C (of Just Don). The limited-edition collection includes a Bulls-inspired rugby, hockey jersey, joggers, track jacket, two knitted beanies, coaches jacket, and T-shirt. Fans can purchase items from the collection exclusively at the Madhouse Team Store inside Chicago’s United Center atrium starting Friday, Feb. 24th – the team’s fourth City Edition Night of the season vs. the Brooklyn Nets – with prices ranging from $40 to $150 retail.

Javonte Green (Chicago Bulls) models the graphic T-shirt from the collection.

Through the collection, Don C., who the Bulls appointed as its first Creative Strategy and Design Advisor last season, showcases the power of the Bulls brand to transcend basketball and globally influence style and culture. Don’s designs mesh the aesthetics of his streetwear brand “Just Don,” the Bulls’ private retail label and lifestyle brand “1966” and the team’s 2022-23 City Edition jerseys, which launched in November in collaboration with the NBA and Nike. Inspired by the style of gear across the sports industry, each piece in the collection highlights the increasing convergence between sports and fashion.

“I’m happy to present something to fans that showcases how the Bulls brand transcends basketball and how fans can represent the team in many facets of their lives,” says Bulls Creative Strategy and Design Advisor Don C.

Chicago Hounds Rugby Team

A premier piece of the collection, the Bulls-inspired rugby features a large “66” patch on the back and rust-color stripes throughout – a nod to the team’s 2022-23 City Edition jerseys, which intentionally deviate from the Bulls’ traditional bright red to reflect the color of bridges in downtown Chicago. Additional pieces in the collection feature the rust color, including one of the knitted beanies, stripes down the sides of the joggers, and elements throughout the track jacket, which also showcases Chicago’s “Municipal Y” design.

Another element of the Bulls’ 2022-23 City Edition uniform, a large “C” on the belt buckle of the shorts to represent the first letter of Chicago, is featured on the front of the coaches jacket outlined in bright red, a color also featured in elements of the hockey jersey and t-shirt. Each piece in the collection will include the “Just Don” logo, featured on all Don C.’s creations, marking the team’s first “1966 x Just Don” capsule collection sold in the Madhouse Team Store.

Seth Jones (Blackhawks) + Kendall Coyne (Blackhawks Coach)

“The Bulls brand has the power to bring fans together at the cross-section of sports, art, lifestyle, and fashion,” says Bulls Director of Marketing Sarah Smith. “Collaborating with Don on this first-of-its-kind collection was the perfect fit. We are excited to share this unique retail line with our fans and look forward to continuing to elevate our brand with Don.”

A track jacket from the collection.

The limited-edition collection follows the launch of the Bulls’ first retail collaboration with Don C. in Nov. 2021 – a T-shirt designed to commemorate Joakim Noah’s legacy and retirement. Starting Friday, Feb. 24, the “1966 x Just Don” capsule collection will only be available for in-person purchase at the Madhouse Team Store.