What should buyers be looking for when shopping for fall ’18?

by Steve Pruitt

Q: What should I be looking for as I go to market for fall ‘18? Do you have any predictions for the season?

Steve Pruitt: My advice is to look beyond outerwear for growth. The outerwear category has been the strongest fashion direction we’ve seen for several seasons now. The problem now is that customers have a closet full of high-quality outerwear.

Look for great knits and sweaters, as these classes have been growing in the last year and should continue to grow as customers rebuild this area of their wardrobe. Sport shirts would also be a good find, but there doesn’t seem to be enough direction in terms of styles and fabrications to push the trend.

As you do your buying, you should also keep in mind that we are advising clients to plan conservatively this year, but we do predict some of the strongest growth in the fall.

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