by Stephen Garner

On Sunday, July 21st, contemporary menswear brand Caruso opened the doors of its permanent showroom in New York City. The new 1,680 square-foot space, including an outdoor terrace overlooking landmark buildings, is located at 501 Madison Avenue, in the heart of midtown.

Fusing Italian sensitivity with international flair, the showroom debuted the Caruso spring/summer 2020 collection, a curated ensemble of tailor-made garments ranging from sartorial suits, lush cashmere, and cotton sweaters, and sharp cut coats.

From the flame linen and cotton poplin polos to the must-have seersucker suits, and all the way down to the lightweight leather outerwear, each piece continues the evolution of the brand and reflects the philosophy behind the aesthetic of the collection: a free-spirited and nonconformist attitude catered to the needs of the modern man who is always evolving and in motion, while remaining authentically himself.

Always keen on using iconic masculine colors, like blues and grays, this season Aldo Maria Camillo, newly appointed creative director of Caruso, enriched the hues with unexpected pops of pink hydrangea, sage, and white chalk, and an array of tobacco brown and dark green. Whether it’s the new trousers that mix sartorial construction with utilitarian ease, or the iconic silk and linen suits, the non-saturated color palette infuses a nonchalant gioia di vivere into each piece.

Known in the past collections for its classic fit, the Caruso silhouette is reimagined by getting softer and more relaxed. In addition to a more traditional yet always changing construction, this season presents a rich proposal of light leather garments showcasing a sartorial yet easy-to-wear fit.

Adding to the complexity of the collection is the ongoing proposal of the iconic Caruso Aida and Butterfly jackets, and the introduction of a fully reversible duster coat offered in an unlined wrinkle-free and highly water-repellent cashmere blend.

Conceived as a natural extension of the brand, the new Caruso showroom reproduces the ambiance of a dynamically modern and multifunctional space. A modern retro décor sets the tone, with black Marquina marble tables and shelves paired with brass clothing racks.

Pops of gray color in the carpet, walls and fabric partitions, made with the same canvas utilized to construct the garments, build upon the Caruso’s signature colors and materials.

“The opening of our New York showroom reflects Caruso’s strategy to raise the profile of our brand in the United States,” said CEO Marco Angeloni. “While Europe and Japan are our larger markets, accounting for more than 50 percent of overall sales, we are focused on the U.S. as our main expansion opportunity. We believe that American consumers will be able to appreciate our luxurious yet accessible collection.”