Crisis Management: How A Bad Q1 And A Small Assortment Turned Into A Good Year For Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon CEO Brian Berger thinks of the pandemic in three stages: triage, the new normal, and the steady state. Not every retailer’s path through the pandemic is the same, but just about every business can identify with the first of those stages, when U.S. retailers closed their doors in rapid succession, made tough decisions on employee furloughs and layoffs, and struggled for breathing room on rent and other costs. Berger also pointed to the difficulties of switching to a remote work environment and keeping employees motivated as the world changed around them. Then came the new normal, when Berger realized that the men’s basics business was going to be OK, and that in fact, many of its product categories were now well-positioned, including sweats and T-shirts. Read more at Retail Dive.