Descendant of Thieves
by Stephen Garner

Descendant of ThievesWhile traditional, old world “mom and pop” storefronts are quickly disappearing from the retail landscape in iconic neighborhoods like Greenwich Village, independent menswear brand Descendant of Thieves has chosen the fabled Bleecker Street for its first brick-and-mortar shopping experience.

Located at 203 Bleecker Street, the 600-square-foot retail space and 1,000-square-foot business area will open in October and has only housed two previous tenants in its 100-plus years of existence: a bakery and a leather goods shop.

The 203 Bleecker Street location will allow Descendant of Thieves to work directly with loyal customers who shop from its expanding web business, to raise brand recognition in a well-trafficked retail and cultural destination and to house inventory, allowing it to increase efficiencies and to offer 60-minute delivery in New York City, according to Matteo Maniatty, creative director and co-founder of the brand that he co-owns with Suwana Perry.

“Descendant of Thieves is going against the grain in leading a movement to bring back the independent shops of yesteryear and re-ignite New York City’s retail,” says Maniatty. “We chose the 203 Bleecker Street landmarked location because we knew this was exactly where we wanted to be — among other independently owned businesses that give Greenwich Village its unique character.”

Descendant of Thieves at 203 Bleecker Street will also offer unique programming, such as performances, art exhibitions and community events, making it welcoming a welcoming space beyond its retail offerings.

“We are looking forward to recreating — not renovating — the space back to its original feeling and design, from the original floors and ceiling to the front of the building that so many people recognize and love,” Maniatty adds. “Our goal is to bring back a positive retail vibe to Greenwich Village and reinforce what it means to be a good neighbor.”