by Stephen Garner


“Our fall 2019 collection is inspired by the versatility of classic American workwear and its connection to New York City’s beat scene and music/fashion subcultures of the late ’60s. We wanted to infuse a sense of modernity into functional silhouettes and essential base layers to create a collection that feels sophisticated, but also a bit edgy and unexpected.”


Inspired by the work of Frank Meadow, this season, we celebrate the fishermen from the 19th century. Chan Chit Lo conveyed the spirit of the Fisherman and the scenery of their daily life to the collection, from the tools they use for work to the sense of harbor.


A minimalist wardrobe.


Dear Miler is inspired by commuters and business/leisure travelers around the world. This collection was specifically inspired by Tribeca’s industrial modern fine lines with its relaxed and calm feel the neighborhood portrays as the motive. Designed with minimal classic modern silhouettes along with blocking and detail elements throughout, the collection feels very chic and natural. Implementing certified organic cotton with high-quality fabrics which well satisfies the line between luxury and elevated contemporary wear, it’s well constructed to fit comfortably.


Love Thy Neighbor, But Dress Like Yourself. We find inspiration in the individualism of New Yorkers— fewer judgments and an openness to people who celebrate personal style. It’s about respectfully living amongst others but truly being yourself.


“Is themed around “open sourcing”. In our continued story of being sustainable, we lift the veil on how we build our brand and garments. Each garment is embedded with NFC chips displaying our supply chain and fabric sourcing amongst other discoveries. We had fun this season dreaming up an openly sourced story, which you’ll see at our fall 2019 presentation at Fashion Institute of Technology. Staying true to our tailoring and premium fabric stories, through the lens of sportswear and culture we’ve delivered an exciting season.” – Chris Bevans, DYNE Creative Director.


The fall 2019 collection is an homage to early immigrants arriving at Ellis Island. Their lived-in garments, perhaps handed down from a father or grandfather, had as much of a story to tell as the men who wore them.


KA WA KEY explores hedonism and reworks everyday streetwear with the designers’ roots of the Asian and Scandinavian aesthetics. Reimagining traditional textile crafts and applies them on considered signature streetwear, with an unusual balance of high-concept, accessibility wearability, simplicity, and soft romantic masculinity. KA WA KEY believes in the beauty of twinks.


Krammer & Stoudt presents the Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection, inspired by the iconoclastic figure of Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart), a cult hero of the California psychedelic/desert rock scene of the late ’60s and early ’70s. Expanding with that catalyst, the collection incorporates style elements of the era of rock music between 1969-1974 specifically, with an emphasis on the culture of the Sunset Strip and the wide open spaces of Joshua Tree, CA.


O.N.S Clothing’s fall/winter 19 is a dialog on aviation, altitude, form, and functionality. The various looks are inspired by international airport terminals, aerial views of city grids, bold tarmac markings, and utilitarian uniforms. It also updates classic menswear shapes, utilizes unexpected materials, and employs neo-tailoring techniques.


With South Korea’s recent medical marijuana legalization and New York’s impending recreational legalization, Cannabis is quickly transforming into a global movement. Capital injections are getting larger, and the stakes are higher than ever. This season, Sundae School designs uniforms for the modern Cannabis ambassadors and entrepreneurs through comfortable, functional wear that reimagines the traditional Korean silhouettes with a western twist.


A modern clothing collection for the people who always gamely exploring the new movement, culture, and world. Clothing that connects the past and next 100 years. Clothing that goes beyond limitation, time and gender.


Using the circus as a reference point, the fall/winter 2019 collection explores our modern relationship with performance.