by Stephen Garner

Dockers is striving to make a positive impact on the on-going water crisis through its Water<Less process and its three-year partnership with Jon Rose and his organization, Waves for Water (W4W). In honor of World Water Day (today, March 22nd), the brand is launching Dockers x Jon Rose and taking the entire month of March to celebrate not only water’s essential nature, but also the countless thrills, excitement, and joy that water provides for all of us.

For Rose, a former professional surfer from California, water has always been a huge part of his life. And that’s why he works so hard to preserve it – work that tends to be demanding and complicated. Hence, he prefers a wardrobe that’s simple and uncomplicated, whether he’s meeting Heads of State at the U.N., working in the field bringing clean water to under-served communities, or just hanging out at home. Rose likes his clothes to be low-key, comfortable, and authentically true to his easygoing vibe. To that end, Dockers has created a collection featuring its Dockers Icon chino, a Trucker jacket, and a range of tees and shirts that highlight Rose’s uncomplicated style.

“Each piece in this collection is utilitarian, durable, versatile, and inspired by my own experiences,” said Rose. “We designed this around what I feel to be most authentic to who I am. Overall, the collection is a fitting representation of the staple pieces I wear to make any situation I find myself in flow a bit smoother. Essentially, this is my uniform.”

Of course, while his style is laid back, his work addressing the global water crisis is anything but. Launched in 2009, Waves for Water is an organization that works tirelessly all across the world supplying portable water filtration systems to communities without access to clean water, digging and renovating bore-hole wells, and constructing rainwater harvesting and storing systems. To date, Waves For Water has given over 3 million people access to clean water in over 44 countries.

“The Dockers vision is rooted in being a go-to casualwear brand that’s known for sustainable business practices and strong company values,” said Santiago Cucci, the brand’s global head. “Our partnership with Jon is a great example of the ways we will continue to explore how to collaborate more consciously for the planet. Dockers commitment to the global water crisis is ongoing, and we celebrate World Water Day because we recognize both the value of and our impact on water.”

As part of the World Water Day festivities, Dockers is celebrating not only the work that Rose does, but also the ongoing, three-year partnership with Rose and Waves for Water. For 2021, that partnership includes Waves for Water projects in Chile, Mexico, and Bangladesh, as well as a Waves for Water Courier Program in Tahiti, where a group of European pro surfers will carry water filters with them to implement in areas of need along their travels. It’s all part of an ambitious program between Dockers and W4W that kicked off this past January with a trip to Liberia, where 55 broken water wells in and around Monrovia were restored, resulting in an estimated 110,000 getting their main water source back.

Finally, to honor World Water Day, Dockers also created a short film, Love Water, and tapped into its global Dockers community for content that highlights the many ways that water can bring joy, excitement, and connection to nature. Jon Rose, Kepa Acero, Maud Lecar, and Joan Duru will each be featured on the Dockers Instagram sharing why they love water, and how it impacts their lives. For over a decade, Dockers Water<Less techniques have saved billions of liters of water; in 2020 alone, the brand saved 24 million liters of water and recycled 42 million more.

The Dockers x Jon Rose Collection, which retails between $50 and $90, is now available for purchase on