Ducati and Men’s Grooming Brand Atwater Collaborate on a Mission-Driven Soap

Chris Salgardo, as you might expect from a men’s grooming guru, wears his ink on his sleeves. “I have an anchor over here,” he says, lifting his right bicep, Popeye-style, into the Zoom window. That was his first tattoo, dating back some 15 years—not long after Salgardo signed on as president of Kiehl’s USA. (He left the company in October 2017, staying on as brand ambassador into the following fall.) “I just try to remember to be anchored in everything that I do in life, because you can get batted around,” he explains. The left arm is a more complex work in progress, incorporating eagles and a Bengal tiger. “It’s kind of like my Atwater mascot,” Salgardo says of the big-cat muse for his five-month-old skin care startup. Read more at Vanity Fair