by Joseph DeAcetis

Given the accelerating customer-centric environment, it is very important for menswear retailers to keep up with the wants and needs of the new generation. In fact, this market segmentation has been increasing its buying power at a rapid speed. But, prior to purchasing,  younger millennials and Gen Z are demanding full transparency from both brands and retailers. 

Today, when aiming to satisfy customer needs, retailers will be required to increase eco-friendly inventory on the sales floor.  More to my point, there is growing consumer demand for natural materials equipped with performance technology while staying in an affordable price range. These garments keep consumers both comfortable and confident, knowing that their fashion is responsibly made. 

More than ever before, retailers are taking sustainable and ethical men’s clothing brands much more seriously by replacing fast-fashion inventory with eco-conscious apparel and related industries that are developed with high-quality materials and built to last. New collections from responsible brands care deeply about creating good clothing with high-quality, sustainable materials that meet the global recycling standards, as they pioneer for change. 

And although that all might sound good for American retailers, one must consider the importance of style, price, and even social media attraction. Upon reviewing sunglasses by MessyWeekend,    I became intrigued by the collaboration between Copenhagen-based sunglasses brand MessyWeekend and YouTube superstar Logan Paul. The collection highlights bold chunky frames and cool LA vibes while keeping the Scandinavian touch of minimalism. In short, consumers are more focused on sustainable brands that have a fresh perspective on style.  

When looking for sustainable brands,  retailers and consumers alike are often overwhelmed in comprehending the terms for sustainable apparel such as greenwashing, eco-conscious apparel,  and slow-fashion- to name a few. I suggest talking to manufacturers and customers about the importance of:

  • Ethically Sourced 
  • Sustainable Manufacturing Processes
  • Fair Trade Working Conditions 
  • Packaging and Shipping 

As an ethical retailer, you want to let your customers know about the positive characteristics of responsible fashion. Whether the customer is a sustainable shopper or interested in learning about it, you can direct him to your ethical men’s fashion brands. 

Timberland’s Earthkeepers® by Raeburn GreenStride™ Edge EK+ Hiker

Timberland’s Earthkeepers® by Raeburn GreenStride™ Edge EK+ Hikers is a new eco-innovation and archive-inspired style thoughtfully created with nature in mind. Perfect for all your warm-weather outdoor activities, this lightweight lace-up hiker features GreenStride™ comfort soles made of 75% renewable bio-based material with sugar cane and rubber from trees, breathable ReBOTL™ fabric linings containing at least 50% recycled plastic, and uppers made with Tencel™ x Refibra™ fabric. A climbing-grade rubber toe cap also helps protect toes on the trail. $185

Nice as Heck Pressure Drop Tee

This casual tee, named the Pressure Drop Tee, is a must-have for men this summer! The playful print on the front features bright colors that are reflective of the warm season. It’s also made from 100% cotton, so it keeps you cool while out in the sun. Pair it with shorts, or jeans with booty socks and your favorite sneakers, and you’re set with a stylish look that goes from day to night! $50

Brady The Perform Polo Long Sleeve in Zero Hydro Yarn

This long sleeve polo provides extra coverage, created using sustainable Hydro Yarn, and is a great addition to any man’s closet. The long sleeve polo is made with sustainable Hydro Yarn, which saves water, reduces waste, and provides protection from the elements with UPF 50 hydrogen technology. The polo is also created with anti-odor and anti-microbial technology. $115

Beckett Simonon The Davis Weekender

The Davis Weekender is an ultra-durable bag that gets even better with time, featuring a classic and timeless design. Beckett Simonon believes that bags are meant to be used for years, not just seasons.  Made using full-grain Italian leather, it’s soft, durable, and like all high-quality leather, it will develop a beautiful patina over time. All products are made per order, which means less waste and pollution. Only using the most premium materials, Beckett Simonon’s Davis Weekender is meant to last a lifetime. $359.

Gravalot black cotton lace Cuban shirt 

Gravalot is an Afro-contemporary menswear label rooted in the historical exploration and progression of black cultures. Providing products and services that preserve and sustain the environment has always been and will always be a core driver of its business model. Some of the company’s ongoing efforts to reach net-zero emissions include removing plastics from all areas of its business, choosing suppliers with good environmental practices, and using fabrics and components with minimal environmental impact. The brand also incorporated localized production, development; and local/regional sourcing; as well as widely used 100% natural materials; absolutely minimal use of plastics-based materials; short production runs; no mass production; almost zero use of toxic chemicals used during production; re-use of sample materials; unsold stock distributed to local clothing banks with branding removed to maintain brand integrity. Even the website runs on renewable energy.”  Shirt $240 /Trousers $145


Marda Swim Shorts

Image courtesy of Alvaro Gracia

Add a relaxed and timeless color to your beachwear wardrobe with our high-end sustainable swim shorts crafted from 7 upcycled plastic bottles. Marda swimwear is custom-made from a premium Japanese fabric that is light, soft, and water-resistant, taking just a few minutes to dry post-swim. Confidently understated, yet highly functional. They are fitted with back pocket zippers, and chrome stainless steel cord stoppers and complete with our signature recycled metal rubber waistband logo—your new sustainable swimwear go-to. $140.00

Adar Luxury Vegan Sneakers



Looking for a new Italian high-end sneaker? The Florentine brand ADAR sustainably sources and produces 100% in Italy, yet the just-released innovative Waver sneaker features an upper out of water-resistant apple leather and recycled polyester. The inner lining is made from buttery smooth bamboo fabric and it has an extremely comfortable insole out of natural latex. Each one is hand-made by artisans in a family-owned manufacturer in Veneto, Italy. Step up your sneaker game with ADAR. $250

Messy Weekend Sunglasses

The MW x MAV is the first must-have collaboration between Copenhagen-based sunglasses brand MessyWeekend and YouTube superstar Logan Paul. The capsule collection screams L.A. with bold looks, chunky frames, and transparent lenses while keeping the Scandinavian touch of minimalism. Best o fall, with every pair sold, plastic equivalent to 100 straws is cleaned from the oceans in Indonesia. $137

Skyway Rainer All Day Pack

Each style in the Skyway Rainer collection is made from recycled PET plastics. A first for the brand in soft bags, a new step in the company’s forward-looking commitment to using recycled materials wherever possible.  In this instance, PET plastics, which are typically plastic water bottles, were converted into durable fabrics which would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.  Depending on the size of the bag, the production utilized anywhere from 6 to 26 recycled plastic bottles for use in the various sizes of this collection. $80

Clean Origin Lab-grown Diamond Gold Ring

Clean Origin is an environmentally kind, luxury diamond brand providing gorgeous, 100% ethically sourced, lab-grown diamonds. The Clean Origin 2ct  tw Men’s Ring is a showstopper, perfect for any guy looking to up his accessory game. Featuring 16 lab-grown diamonds arranged on a dazzling square gives this unique design a masculine edge. Available in 14k White and Yellow Gold for $3,345.00

Nautica Sustainably Crafted USA Sailing Division Graphic T-shirt

Whether your summer plans entail lounging on a sailboat or exploring the coast, Nautica has clothing for every occasion. Each piece from the sustainable collection is designed to keep you cool and comfortable all day while still looking polished. $15

SPY+ Hot Spot Style Sunglasses

Who says style and the environment can’t come together during the summer? Being mindful of the environment doesn’t mean you have to look like a Burning Man refugee. Nixon’s new Hot Spot blends eco-friendly design with quality optics. Do you know what happens to your eyes when you wear sub-standard shades? At the least, eyestrain and fatigue. But over the long-term, cataracts and more. And don’t just buy sunnies because they’re polarized. $10 gas station glasses are also polarized, but that doesn’t mean quality or clear. The new Hangout and Hot Spot bring throwback summer style in an eco-package Made from bioplastic, they feature optical-grade accurate radius curve lenses and start at just $70.

The Valencia Trunk by blú swimwear

This swimsuit has been called by many, including one Olympic swimmer, “the most comfortable suit I’ve ever worn.” Each bathing suit is made of 80% polyester, 20% Lycra, and sustainably sourced fabrics with every detail of the suit designed with comfort in mind. The liner is a full “boxer brief” shaped liner that provides support while details like the inverted seams provide unparalleled levels of comfort. Pockets are all mesh-lined to allow for drainage with a grommet in the back pocket for the same. Once you try a blú swimsuit, the company informally guarantees, you’ll feel so comfortable, you’ll forget your even wearing a suit at all. $136

Pas Une Marque T-Shirt

The Pas Une Marque team has addressed climate change and global warming by pledging carbon neutrality. They have implemented this through their latest collection, which has zero carbon footprint. Behind Pas Une Marque lays the profound desire of understanding the world around us by constantly questioning perspective. They manifest this intention through fashion, as they experiment and innovate with different graphics, textiles, and manufacturing techniques. Collections convey specific narratives meant to provoke social critique, with garments carrying different sub narratives and hidden messages. Pas Une Marque’s ‘Optique’ tee shirt is here to make us question reality on a daily. Constructed with 100% Peruvian Pima cotton, this regular-fitting tee showcases the collection’s emblematic lens motif, features a Tyvek® prescription patch, and displays a reminder on the back: “Here to make you see what others don’t.” $90

Made Man

Modern gents have a new skincare routine they can quickly complete in two steps, making it easy to get better-looking skin in just two minutes. This set includes The Resetter, a 2-in-1 Shave Cream/Face Wash, and The Refresher, an All-in-One Moisturizer. The products are certified vegan, cruelty-free, Made in America, and free of phthalates, sulfates, parabens, gluten, and GMOs. It is also Harvard dermatologist-formulated, tested, and approved for all skin types. MadeMan simplifies self-care for men who have arrived and those on their way, refreshing faces with an entire routine packed into two easy products. MadeMan is the solution for any man who seeks to take control of his life and looks. It’s a foundation for good habits, discipline, and self-confidence. The brand simplifies self-care for men who have arrived and those on their way, refreshing faces with an entire routine packed into two easy products. $100