by John Russel Jones

Ever find yourself hoping the markets would take a turn DOWN? Eton’s latest offering may just inspire a whole new way of thinking about finance. Customers can now trade themselves to a successful look by monitoring pricing levels and buying when the time is right. The Eton Index Shirt is the first ever shirt to have its price pegged to the Nasdaq Index, fluctuating in value in real-time.

The Index Shirt is a custom-made limited-edition piece, modeled from Eton’s White Signature Twill Shirt and features embroidered bull and bear symbols on the placket – the bull between the collar and the first button and the bear between the first and second button. The elevated yet discreet details are the established symbols of optimism and pessimism, reflecting the outlook of the stock market’s highs and lows.

“We are continuously inspired by our customer’s strive for excellence. The idea that they can engage with an innovative conceptual product, The Index Shirt, allows them to make the right decisions at the right time, withstanding time,” says David Thörewik, CEO of Eton Shirts.


In quintessential Eton style, the subtle design details set them apart from other shirtmakers without compromising luxury and quality. The idea behind creating a shirt with its price pegged to the stock market reflects the current global economy and how sensitive buyer behavior can be. Not only do seasoned financiers identify with the bull and bear; a new wave of traders identifies with the symbolism, along with high hopes of selling big on the market.

The limited-edition Index Shirt launched yesterday and will be available exclusively online at Eton Shirts with a dynamic price pegged to the Nasdaq composite index, updated every 5-minute on trading days ($267.55 at press time).

Here’s hoping the price keeps rising.