Even Fishing Is Cool Now. Just Look at Aimé Leon Dore and Woolrich

Fans of Euphoria – that is to say, all people under the age of 40 – will be well aware of this song by Jerry Rafferty. Repackaged via the yacht-rock-heavy soundtrack of the latest series, it has found a new Gen-Z audience, and even made the leap to TikTok, where thirst-traps and get-ready-with-me’s have been uploaded to a bed of Rafferty’s low-key sound. 

This is pertinent, because lots of things that your dad likes, and that up until now have been verboten for anyone concerned with being trendy, have suddenly become cool. For example, hiking is cool now, as is pottery, and the latest middle-aged hobby to make it into the zeitgeist is fishing. Read more at Esquire.