Fashion’s New ‘It’ Kids

by MR Magazine Staff

They’ve been interviewed by Vogue, W magazine, Nylon and more, and had their photos taken in the front rows of major shows. They have access to photographers and stylists of the highest caliber, and have traveled around the world. There are now enough of them to qualify as a phenomenon unto itself. Call them Generation Celebrity Spawn. They were famous initially because of their parentage — household names in music, film and modeling such as Jude Law, Cindy Crawford, Lauryn Hill, Lionel Richie, Pamela Anderson and Daniel Day-Lewis, to name a few — and the luck of their genes. But they are smart enough to realize that with a bit of social media effort, they could parlay that start into a career where they are paid to mostly just be themselves. They are ascending quickly and are unlikely to go anywhere soon. So, for the rest of us, here is a field guide to Generation C.S., ordered by the size of their Instagram followings as of October 18. Read more at The New York Times.