Frank and Oak SC
by Stephen Garner

Men’s lifestyle brand Frank & Oak has released its second collection of performance streetwear, Frank & Oak SC. Building from the State Concepts collection launched in October 2015, Frank & Oak SC utilizes advanced fabrics, materials and construction that merges comfort and purpose.

The 54 piece collection includes T-shirts, jogger shorts, commuter pants, mid-layers, outerwear and accessories and retails from $40 to $265. Each item includes some use of performance technology such as thermos-regulating fabrics, water repellent and waterproof coatings, as well as FreshGuard odor control technology.

To coincide with the launch, Toronto-based cityscape photographer Jamal Burger is featured in the brand’s new campaign film that follows Burger’s urban adventures while wearing the new SC collection.

“Today’s urban creators and doers aren’t tied to a desk or the dress codes of the corporate world,” said Ethan Song, CEO and co-founder of Frank & Oak. “This collection represents incredibly functional gear that spans the gym and the creative workspace, while looking effortless in both settings. Our goal was to reflect that by designing versatile pieces with an urban sensibility.”

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