by John Russel Jones

Korean eyewear brand Gentle Monster continues its retail expansion across the U.S. with a new flagship store opening at The Galleria in Houston, TX this month. Gentle Monster’s 4,800sqft. retail location will be the largest Gentle Monster store in the U.S., inviting consumers into its future-facing and dynamic universe, featuring surrealist objects, various installations, images, and artwork videos.

“The Galleria is the perfect location for Gentle Monster to open its largest brick-and-mortar in America,” said Irma Castor, General Manager at The Galleria. “We are proud to add this renowned brand’s first and only Texas retail space to our diverse retailer lineup and know our shoppers will enjoy the store’s unique experience.”

Some of the captivating installations include The Probe, a six-legged hexagonal walking mechanical creature, and an installation of a giant kinetic head with hyper-realistic blinking and subtle head movements.

Standing nine feet tall, the pale face of the Giant Head robot appears unnervingly real, moving and stretching in human-like skin, and imitating human facial expressions, blurs the lines between retail and art space.

The Giant Head is a year-long project conducted by Gentle Monster’s Robotics Lab, which attempts to question viewers about the future of the human-robot relationship. Combined with the intense colors and metal structures, it exemplifies the dimensionality and avant-garde elements of the space, awakening the senses of its visitors, and inspiring the imagination of what the future of retail could be like.

The Gentle Monster Houston store will sell the SS23 mainline, the Maison Margiela collab, and the recently launched BOLD 2 collection. Explore the Gentle Monster universe at The Galleria located on Level 1, near The Galleria Financial Center: 5085 Westheimer Rd. #B2880, Houston (TX) 77056.

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