Giving February’s Accessories Their Due

by Harry Sheff

In some ways, I think the accessories we used for our February Las Vegas preview fashion pages shone just as brightly as the apparel. Maybe some of those Makins Hats even stole the show.

Well, we certainly had fun with it, and I think Krishnar, with his innate sense of drama and style, really brought a lot to the shoot.

And although I’m not sure a lot of us would be able to pull off the tangle of necklaces (from Breil) over a bare chest, as featured on our cover, what a great way to play with the “new” vest, which we see growing in popularity.

We ended up not using a fabulous Wigens fur trapper hat (with matching mittens), but I wanted to get a shot of it in here, because it seems like that hat style still has a couple more winters in it – especially if we keep having the sub-zero temperatures of this year. Global warming has a nasty backlash!

We also had some fabulous shoes in for this shoot. I love the antique quality of these wing tips from Impulse by Harbor Footwear. (And those American Essentials socks looked pretty cozy, yet sophisticated.)

For a sportier edge, we paired up Bacco Bucci sneakers with this longboard from The skateboard was handcrafted by a friend of Stephen Ciuccoli’s, our photographer, and it looked like a lot of fun… but eschewing any broken limbs, none of us was quite willing to give ‘er a go in the studio!

I also loved the look of this Nat Nast belt buckle, which looked like it was plucked right out of Antiques Roadshow: “Early 21st century plaque buckle by Interbrand for Nat Nast, at retail, our curators think it goes for around $75, probably more at auction. Did you say you found this hidden with your father’s bowling trophies?”

Now, if you know me, you know I’ve been working the multiple silver bracelets thing (these are from Tracey Mayer and Nagual), and I was worried that I’ve been doing too much of an “Auntie Mame in New Haven” thing (see the movie… the Rosalind Russell version), but apparently the editors of Men’s Health agree, also putting multiple bracelets on their current cover model, Gerard Butler.