by Karen Alberg Grossman
It was a wonderful gathering on Tuesday evening, a tribute to Su Misura garments from master tailors in Italy and the launch of a fabulous new book on Italian tailoring by Yoshimi Hasegawa.

The author was on hand for a book signing, as were co-hosts Mickey Solomon and his team from Gladson and designers from Vitale Barberis Canonico. Well-dressed guests enjoyed great food, wine, music and conversation, but the highlight was clearly the beautiful bespoke garments on display and the amazing stories about Italian craftsmen featured in the book.

In fact, this glimpse into the world of Italy’s bespoke tailors is a must read for anyone in the tailored clothing industry. In the book’s introduction, Hasegawa discusses the eternal pursuit of beauty shared by artisans throughout Italy, and the intrinsic beauty in hand craftsmanship.

“Bespoke suiting boasts an architectural silhouette that elevates the wearer’s natural physique. But the perfect suit is not a panacea. We each seek different qualities in our garments and therefore have differing definitions of the ideal suit. This gives rise to individual sartorial flair and the suit itself as a mode of expression.”

An important message for U.S. clothing makers and merchants to publicize, especially in today’s era of casualization.