Why Grace Wales Bonner Is The Future Of Men’s Fashion

by MR Magazine Staff

You know you are living through an emergency when you can’t stop talking about leaders. Like the efforts of good parents, politicians’ actions should mainly be invisible, only requiring constant scrutiny when something is wrong. We grew up thinking that progress and populism were tied together and that liberal values became the natural order. But it seems we were wrong: we are in a Hobbesian state of nature, where the life of man is “nasty, brutish and short”, where British politicians go against their principles to stay in power. When egotistical men and women create a revolution in manners and call it freedom, you begin to look away. Fashion, of all islands, might seem an odd place to establish your moorings, yet let it be said that freshness and tolerance have always been possible goals in the world of fashion. It can dare you to be otherwise, and that is one of the reasons I love it. The bonkers-ness is addictive, the sense of beauty is ripe, the avant-garde is still alive, and taste is a kind of circus. It might be good for us, on another day dominated by the machinations of pathological liars, to go in search of some beautiful craft and a love of ideas, and to take her out for the day and kiss the ground she walks on. Read more at Esquire.