by Peter Rose

The inflation that all the news networks are all upset about (and are using as a political weapon by placing the blame on Biden) is heavily tied to the astounding gouging that is going on in the port cities. Vendors are raising their prices because they have to: Container costs last March were roughly $3,500; they’re now $20k, $30k and more, and they are ruthless. “Take it or leave it right now; people are waiting in line who will pay.” Imagine what that has to mean, multiplied out across every container, for every niche of product that comes into this country! It’s BILLIONS of dollars diverted, actually stolen, with no repercussions, no attention, no scrutiny whatsoever!

Who’s stealing this money? Does no one care? I believe that most, if not all, of the recent inflation is due to this single factor. It deserves an investigation by ALL the media, yet it’s not discussed, not disseminated by anyone, as near as I can tell. Am I wrong? Have I missed something?

So I ask all apparel manufacturers: How much has been stolen from you? Are you concerned enough to notify your state Senators and Congressmen? I’ve already contacted MR, Axios and Retail Dive, and will soon get to The Washington Post, the Senate, and the House. This is a national scandal, amplified geometrically by indifference and/or utter unawareness. Let’s do something now!

Pete Rose is a retailer in Wyandotte Michigan; he can be reached at