Harry Sheff Joins MR as Web Editor

by MR Magazine Staff

NEW YORK – MR Magazine has named Harry Sheff the first full-time web editor for MRkeplace.com, the menswear retailing trade journal’s website. Sheff replaces industry veteran Arnold Karr, who held the position part-time since the inception of the site in June 2006. MRketplace.com’s rise in readership during that time has been meteoric, reaching more than 50,000 visits in the month of June, from over 9,000 industry professionals and others, far outpacing other apparel trade sites in growth.

Sheff comes to MR from Call Center Magazine, a trade covering the customer service industry, where he was an associate editor and an award-winning blogger.

“My first memories of the menswear business come from accompanying my father to the now defunct Sims, Ltd. In downtown Minneapolis back in the early 1980s,” writes the St. Paul, Minn. native in his first blog entry for MRketplace.com. “I remember the dark wood paneling and the displays of regimental ties and exotic and garish imported socks. The store had a unique smell I associated with adults, and more specifically, a sophisticated manhood.”

Sheff’s plans for MRkeplace.com include more exclusive web features, more news, frequently updated blogs, and video.