by Brian Lipton

AUTISMWORKSLOGOAmerican suit brand Hart Schaffner Marx has teamed up with fellow Chicago-based Autism Workforce, a company that implements employment programs within companies so they are prepared to understand, work with and hire teenagers and adults with autism.

Hart Schaffner Marx employs more than 800 American workers and has established several employee programs that include equal employment opportunities for individuals with Autism in their facilities.

“Individuals with autism are constantly asked to adjust their world to meet the expectations of the mainstream community,” said Doug Williams, CEO of W Diamond Group, which manufactures Hart Schaffner Marx’s tailored clothing. “At Hart Schaffner Marx, we’ve created an environment to give all of our employees a healthy and positive working experience where they are provided the tools and encouragement to succeed.”

Added David Geslak, president, Autism Workforce: “Individuals with autism are ready, willing and able to participate in today’s workforce. Finding jobs in the workplace to allow them to use their unique strengths is the key, but few companies have prepared to create an environment to fully benefit from these individuals. Partnering with Hart Schaffner Marx shines a light on this issue for the fashion industry.”