How The Metaverse Can Benefit Physical Retail Stores

With industries around the world showing interest in the metaverse, retail leaders are facing the exciting opportunity to follow suit and provide customers with the ease of online shopping without compromising the benefits of the physical experience. For example, Forever 21 is getting involved by collaborating with the popular online game Roblox, allowing users to customize virtual fashion stores using Forever 21 products and then purchase the physical equivalents on their website. Nike is also creating content for the metaverse by acquiring NFT creator RTFKT and launching “Meta-Builder Sneakers,” a digital-only shoe.

The metaverse is a rich virtual environment where individuals across all kinds of user profiles can interact across any distance and still appear as though they are right next to each other, their engagements meaningful and mirrored. This digital medium has existed for quite some time, especially accessible with the popularized use of VR headsets. This concept is evolving past recreational use like Roblox and Fortnite gaming and now has legitimate functionality in our day-to-day lives. For example, offices are using the metaverse to better connect with remote employees and to offer a more immersive and inclusive work environment. Read more at Retail TouchPoints.