How to Grab Customers with Alluring Promo Campaigns

by Neal Kaiser

Neal-Kaiser-Upshot-Commerce-medium-150x150Q: How can I make my promotional campaigns more engaging and effective? What are the benefits of customer segmentation and targeted campaigns?

Neal Kaiser:  While straightforward discounts are one of the most common types of promotional campaigns in commerce, there are numerous ways to tweak that model to appeal to customers in new ways. Having robust tools to build coupons based on logical conditions and actions will allow you to experiment and test different promotional campaigns. Can you think of a logical set of rules for offering a coupon? For example, offering 15% off a pair of pants to customers when they also purchase a shirt. Rule-based systems allow you test those types of discounts out, to offer new types of promotional incentives, and help you identify which campaigns are effective, which are profitable and which may be undermining your bottom line.

Rule-based systems can also allow you to segment customers into groups to receive special promotions. Send targeted promotions to one set of customers and not another (for example, customers who spent more than $200 in the last year but who have not made a purchase within the last six months). Set up special content zones so only certain customers see when they visit, offer a special preview page in advance of holiday shopping or a major sale for them.

Whatever your strategy looks like, it is important your promotional tools are robust enough to easily develop campaigns built on complex rules. This allows you to target the people and products you want in the best ways to meet the needs of your promotional strategy. You’ve worked hard to keep your ecommerce store competitive in the face of rapid change; it makes sense that your promotional campaigns keep up as well.

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