I Could Have Danced…

by Karen Alberg Grossman

Okay, I admit it: My favorite moment last week in Vegas did not involve discovering fabulous new lines (although I found several) or catching up with old friends or meeting retailers and brainstorming about business (all of which I did and loved). This time around, my favorite moment involved doing a cha-cha in the aisles of The Exclusive with Larry Wayne, sales manager from Raymond International. I had wandered over to the booth to check out their great-looking tailored clothing. When I learned that Larry was a dancer (he gave me all the hot spots in Vegas), I confided that though I was a lousy dancer, I could do a mean cha-cha. And so we did!

Ralph and Larry from Raymond Intl. Says Larry: “My father always told me that, in order to meet beautiful women, learn to dance!”

The Luigi Bianchi boys showed their sexy Italian clothing.

Other highlights for me: Exchanging book recommends with Andrea Benedini from Luigi Bianchi, and Nancy Crouse from Superba; playing a guessing game of “Gay or Straight” with Sandra and Heide from Gran Sasso (we’ve got a great list!); drinking too many martinis at the Randa party; talking trade shows with Joe Loggia from MAGIC; bowling with the Men’s Wearhouse guys; drinks with Luis Ricard from Skip Gambert and friends at his suite at the Venetian and, before the shows, the European pool at the Wynn (where, of course, we didn’t see a soul from the industry…).

Advanstar CEO Joe Loggia (with me, above) points out that without the pull of MAGIC, the other shows have no traffic.

Power bowling with Jim Zimmer and team.

Cocktails with Skip Gambert’s Luis Ricard and friends.

The Peerless guys, hard at work…

Now to give credit where it’s due: Kudos to my friend and competitor Stan Gellers who stopped Saul Korman of Korry’s in an aisle and pointed out that he (Saul) had worn the exact same shirt (a great-looking woven from Tulliano) at the Collective in NYC. Stanley: your mind is as sharp as ever!

DNR’s Stan Gellers with Joseph Kadi of Joseph’s Cloak.

Shawn and Saul Korman, shopping every show.

My next blog will showcase product from the shows that you might need in your spring ’08 assortments. Till then, my message is this: Never be so focused on business that you miss out on cha-chas in the aisles.