I Want My MTV!

by Harry Sheff

If a camera crew starts pushing and shoving its way into the middle of one of your appointments at MAGIC, it’s not the cast of “Entourage” (well…it might be), but the editorial staff at MR getting its 15 minutes of fame…on MTV!

It all started when  regular MR contributing photographer Steve Ciuccoli shot an ad for a new MasterCard product called ShizzleCash (watch for young shoppers to be hitting stores next year with this debit card), with up and coming entertainer Krishnar, who is the ShizzleCash MasterCard spokesperson  & VJ host of “So What’s Your Trend” premiering on Overdrive in  February 2007. Krishnar will also release his debut album, Soul Launch, on  Universal in Spring 2007.

Long story short, Steve made some introductions, and now MR editors will be giving Krishnar and his viewers the editor’s tour of MAGIC, showing what really goes on behind the scenes of the fashion industry. (Don’t worry…we won’t be spending too much time at the parties!)

“Project Runway”? Amateurs. I’m putting Heidi Klum on notice.