by Stephen Garner

IndochinoVancouver-based apparel brand Indochino has launched its summer 2016 collection, the company’s largest collection to date.

The summer 2016 Collection features a variety of summer fabrics, including cotton, linen and wool-linen as well as lighter weight wool. An extensive range of patterned silk ties and pocket squares complete the collection.

“For summer, we created a dynamic and diverse collection that reflects the season’s playfulness. From vibrant jewel tones to fun prints and vintage motifs to a broad range of micropatterns and neutral colors, we have fabrics to suit any occasion or taste,” said Tom Kearnan, Indochino’s director of fashion. “We’ve also significantly increased the depth of our blue fabrics, which has become the signature suiting color for sartorial gentlemen everywhere.”

Recently announcing the acquisition of a $30 million investment from Dayang Group, Indochino now has a factory that is devoted to the company’s production, improving efficiency and back-end operations. The company is also injecting slim and super slim fits to the company’s existing modern fit, triple suit and shirt fabric selection and quadruple customizations, offering a greater choice for its customers, both in color, style and price.

“I’m proud to say that this is Indochino’s biggest and best collection to date,” said Drew Green, CEO of Indochino. “And it’s only going to get better as we continue to significantly expand our fabrics into what will likely be the largest selection of suits that any brand has ever seen. Adding increased customizations and more silhouette choices will further guarantee that every man can have his look, his way.”