by Brian Lipton
Scott Jordan, CEO Scottevest
Scott Jordan

Back in 2000, Scott Jordan made a life-changing decision: to give up being an attorney, and enter the fashion business. As he readily admits, he knew nothing about fashion, but he saw a niche to be filled in the market: a vest that had plenty of inner pockets for what was then emerging technology.

Cut to 2016: SCOTTeVEST has become a major success, primarily as an e-tailer but with some brick-and-mortar presence in travel shops and stores like Brookstone, with gross revenues in excess of $10 million. The line includes both men’s and women’s apparel, and extends past vests to jackets, sportcoats, hoodies,pants, shorts and t-shirts. (Retails begin at $30).

As for pockets, some items have as many as 42, enough for every smartphone, laptop, Bluetooth device, tablet and gizmo imaginable – not to mention everyday items like pens, water bottles, and eyeglasses. Sizes on most items also go up to XXXL.

While traditional fashion lines change by season, SCOTTeVEST reinvents itself for other reasons. “I don’t do seasonal lines, because for the most part, I want the product to be timeless,” says Jordan. “But I have to be able to change my products when technology changes and people’s habits change. Being able to bring your laptop along in one of our products, rather than in a separate bag or sleeve, really felt like a game-changer. It’s much more efficient.”

ScottevestJordan’s next move is to try to get his product into more traditional shops, as well as airport stores, using an in-store point-of-purchase display that would allow customers to select a piece, and then have it shipped separately (so stores wouldn’t have to carry much inventory). “I think our e-commerce business has basically topped out,” says Taylor. “And there are still so many customers who really want to touch and feel a product before they buy it.”

He unveiled the new display earlier this month at the CES show in Las Vegas, where the company also held a “fan event” and participated in a runway show. “CES was a fantastic show for SCOTTeVEST,” says Jordan. We broke out our brand new point-of-purchase display in all its glory, and folks really liked the increased functionality and sleekness of the Enforcer Jacket and we heard raves about how attractive the Sportsman Vest is,” said Jordan. “We’re really seeing a shift as SCOTTeVEST moves from geek-chic to the ultimate outwear that fits just about every active lifestyle. We were also quite pleased with the traffic, it seemed like it was never-ending for the entire show. We look forward to returning to CES in 2017.”