Item of the Week: Illesteva sunglasses

by Elise Diamantini

Illesteva sunglassesThis week’s item is pretty ill; actually it’s the Illest eva: Illesteva sunglasses that is. A new-ish brand that launched in 2009 by Daniel Silberman and DJ Jus Ske. Tom Simon, owner of Hub Clothing in Scottsdale, Arizona recently told us how pleasantly surprised he was by the brand’s sell-throughs. “We were never really big into eyewear, but I’ve been selling a lot from Illesteva. They’re hand made in Italy with optical quality for about $160 to $200 retail. Some of my customers are even buying them and replacing the lenses with their own prescriptions.” According the brand’s website, frames are made of unique materials like acetate and bamboo, titanium and natural buffalo horns in interesting shapes and designs. Check them out at to see just how ill these shades really are.

Periodically, MR’s editors will comment on a product we’ve seen in the market. It could be an emerging trend, a novel take on a classic or something that just caught our eyes.

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