It’s the end of the Bay as we know it – and Richard Baker feels fine

Richard Baker, the 39th governor of the Hudson’s Bay Co., clearly relishes the title, not to mention the history, that comes with owning North America’s oldest company. Fifteen years after the American real estate dealmaker first won control of the storied retailer—a stretch of time that makes him the sixth-longest-serving governor in HBC’s 353-year history—it doesn’t take much to get him going on the links he sees between past and present. Baker has visited the company’s archives in Winnipeg multiple times, met with Cree leaders at one of HBC’s oldest fur-trading posts in northern Manitoba, and delved into the journals of the adventurers “who set out on a ship called the Nonsuch to travel where their safety wasn’t secured in a life that was going to be challenging but adventurous.” Read more at The Globe and Mail